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Title: Aol and load?
Post by: Kathie on March 15, 2004, 07:41:57 PM
I can't get AOL to load so I called them and they had me open the aol system file. Under memory, it said 96 MB (100% load). The tech said I should call my computer manufacturer for assistance with fixing this. My computer is made by Pionex and they don't have live tech support. Can I fix this somehow without paying $25 for Pionex support? If so how?
Title: Re: Aol and load?
Post by: Computer Hope Admin on March 16, 2004, 08:03:45 AM

We will definately try to assist you for free. Please let us know what operating system (version of windows) your computer has and where exactly where you are seeing the memory.

In addition as a first good step we recommend you run through the basic troubleshooting section for your operating system. These basic sections can be found on the below link.