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Title: 3 new game reviews
Post by: Joleen on October 14, 2004, 05:53:17 AM
Splinter Cell(SC) and Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow(PT).  I am really enjoying SC.  The graphics are really nice as is the overall gameplay.  All the missions require a mix of stealth and action with some missions require no kills whatsoever.  You can opt to shoot your opponent or sneak up behind and knock him out.  The AI in SC is limited however so it's possible to shoot someone and easily evade his buddies.  The AI in PT is MUCH more advanced.  On finding a body most often their first response is to call in backup.  SC does not allow for multiplayer while even though PT does, it's not nearly as fun as the solo missions.  Both these games are worth buying and for me, that's saying ALOT!

Star Wars Battlefront.  This is a mmfps along the lines of Battlefield 1942.  At first I enjoyed it very much.  It's always fun to put on a suit of StormTrooper armor and run around or play a droid.  It has the same idea of BF 1942 in that you can take over neutral or enemy spawn points and you have only so many tickets (team deaths) before you lose.  There are some vehicles you can drive/fly but I find the ground cars move too slow and the ships move much too fast.  The maps tend to be just a bit too large to make the cars useful and the maps are too small to maneuver effectivly in a ship.  As for the characters.. as fun as it is to be a StormTrooper or droid, any given character (4-5 choices depending on the team you're playing and the map you're on) only has 2 equippable weapons (repeating rifle and pistol or rocket launcher and a pistol) and a grenade.  Boring!!  Granted, some characters like the Pilot can also fix vehicles and weapon turrets but there's not enough variablility between teams.  The StormTrooper has exactly the same weapons as the Rebel.  This game is worth downloading.
Title: Re: 3 new game reviews
Post by: Raptor on October 14, 2004, 10:41:27 AM
Battlefield 1942 itself wasn't very exciting either, trees the size of a pencil and no obstacles to hide behind when two Shermans are storming in on your position.

I still have to try Splinter Cell, if it's anything like Hitman, it's bound to be ace.
Title: Re: 3 new game reviews
Post by: LeeHong on October 15, 2004, 05:21:59 PM
i guess that Hitman is losing its "charm"..Raptor
after they remade whole five missions in Hitman Conracts... it really sucks...

shame,it was such a great stealth game when it first showed up...they messed it up... :-/

Title: Re: 3 new game reviews
Post by: Raptor on October 16, 2004, 04:10:23 AM
I haven't played Hitman: Contracts yet.