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Title: Codecs Issues
Post by: Zylstra on March 27, 2007, 08:04:11 PM
My media player (eg. Windows Media Player) is giving me an error saying it doesent have the codecs required to view/play a certain file.

Codecs are a file format reader that allows different media types to be viewed/played. Though you may have a program that says its compatible with a format (eg: MP3, WMA, MPEG, MP4) you might not have the codecs that actually allow your computer programs to read them since there are many codecs.

Download the latest K-Lite codecs pack (the Full version is more fitting for most computers) from here:

Download VLC LAN
VLC is a very competent program for reading/playing/viewing many different media types. If you de-select the extensions while installing, it will give you many useful codecs.
(visit )
(Kudos to Rob_Pomeroy for his extensive list of software,19999.html )

Upgrade your current media player (self explanatory)

If all of that fails, then you need to just uninstall your current media software, and re-install it

Problems with Quicktime or Quicktime codecs?
See for an alternative to the over-powering QuickTime

Problems with Real Player or Real Player codecs?
See for an alternative to the once-popular-but-no-its-no-so over-powering RealPlayer

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