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Title: Hard drive password protected
Post by: vic_i_eee on November 10, 2007, 11:26:14 PM
Hello! I've got 20 gig laptop hard drive. Its a Hitachi Travelstar. I have no idea what data or operating system, if any, is on it because it is password protected.
I've tried Google search and searched here at Computer Hope to find a way to use this hard drive.
Other things I've tried is installing it a laptop and using a boot cd call Killdisk. I use this to clear HDDs of all data and partitions so I can put a fresh operating system on it. Thinking this process might clear the HDD and and password turned out to be a waste of time for the killdisk wont even access the HDD if it's password protected. Then I put it in a USB exterior HDD enclosure and tried to see if the killdisk would wipe the data via USB port. Don't ask me why I thought that would work.
I don't think this is a microsoft password, when I try to boot with this harddrive windows doesn't even start when it says "hard drive is password protected" and has a box to enter the password. And the Killdisk wipes password protected operating systems.
I'd rather not throw it out, I could use the 20gigs. Is there a way I can use this harddisk?
I'd just like to wipe it an put a fresh operating system on it.
Thanks for you time, Vic.
Title: Re: Hard drive password protected
Post by: karth on November 11, 2007, 02:40:24 AM

Most of the branded Laptop come with a Tatto on the Mother Board and on the Hard drive  for security reason. as long as it was been running with the pre installed software from the manufacturer there exist no problem. but when it was been tried to other PC or the OEM OS is removed the company Tatto is removed and the hard drive will ask for the password for data security ploicy.

The only way is to consult the service center of Manufacturer to obtain to get the Tatoo's reinstalled to solve the problem. Further, self handling of this situations make the problem still worse and chances of data loss.

Kartheek M
Title: Re: Hard drive password protected
Post by: GX1_Man on November 11, 2007, 02:19:32 PM
The laptops that allow you to set a hard drive password in the BIOS, have the same problems as a "forgotton" BIOS password. They are not designed to be defeated. They are hard coded into the EPROM.

When people set passwords in the BIOS, they are protecting their data and investment. Just a simple jumper or removing the battery like on a desktop does not help. Forgotten passwords on most business models generally lead to motherboard replacements to be functional.
Title: Re: Hard drive password protected
Post by: vic_i_eee on November 11, 2007, 08:27:22 PM
So GX1_Man, What your saying is it's a paper weight?
Title: Re: Hard drive password protected
Post by: GX1_Man on December 01, 2007, 08:23:39 PM
I would consider it such. Sorry.
Title: Re: Hard drive password protected
Post by: 2k_dummy on December 02, 2007, 08:29:57 AM
Have you tried our  debug ( page? It might help and might not, but at this point you have nothing to lose.
Title: Re: Hard drive password protected
Post by: quaxo on December 02, 2007, 09:00:55 AM
This information is provided AT YOUR OWN RISK. I have never personally tried this while servicing a laptop, but I hear it works. I make no guarantees or promises. Doing this could damage your laptop beyond repair.

That said...

Dallas DS1287, DS1287A
Benchmarq bp3287MT, bq3287AMT
The Dallas DS1287 and DS1287A, and the compatible Benchmarq bp3287MT and
bq3287AMT chips have a built- in battery. This battery should last up to ten years. Any
motherboard using these chips should not have an additional battery (this means you can't
flash the BIOS by removing a battery). When the battery fails, the RTC chip would be
CMOS RAM can be cleared on the 1287A and 3287AMT chips by shorting pins 12 and
The 1287 (and 3287MT) differ from the 1287A in that the CMOS RAM can't be cleared.
If there is a problem such as a forgotten password, the chip must be replaced. (In this case
it is recommended to replace the 1287 with a 1287A). Also the Dallas 12887 and 12887A
are similar but contain twice as much CMOS RAM storage.
         1 -| * U      |- 24 5v
         2 -|            |- 23
         3 -|            |- 22
         4 -|            |- 21 RCL (RAM Clear)
         5 -|            |- 20
         6 -|            |- 19
         7 -|            |- 18
         8 -|            |- 17
         9 -|            |- 16
       10 -|            |- 15
       11 -|            |- 14
gnd 12 -|______|- 13

NOTE: Although these are 24-pin chips,
the Dallas chips may be missing 5 pins,
these are unused pins.
Most chips have unused pins,
though usually they are still present.

Applies to:
Dallas DS12885S
Benchmarq bq3258S
Hitachi HD146818AP
Samsung KS82C6818A

This is a rectangular 24-pin DIP chip, usually in a socket. The number on the chip should
end in 6818.
Although this chip is pin-compatible with the Dallas 1287/1287A, there is no built-in
Short together pins 12 and 24.
24                  20                                     13
|                                                               |
|                       DALLAS                             |
|>                                                             |
|                     DS12885S                          |
|                                                               |
|                                                               |
1                                                             12

Sorry, the little pictures aren't exactly perfect.