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Title: How do I post my question?
Post by: Computer Hope Admin on November 13, 2007, 12:35:44 PM
Tip: Before posting your question make sure to search for an answer first. The search box is found in the top right portion of every forum page.

To post a question on the Computer Hope forums, you must register a free account. (
After registering, decide what board to place your question on. For example, if you have a programming question it belongs in the Computer programming section.
Finally, to create a new question (post) click the "new topic" button in the top right portion of the board listing.
While composing your post if you wish to be notified in a e-mail when a new post or answer is made make sure to check the "Notify me of replies." box. Depending on the time of day and who is online will determine how long it may take to get a response to your question.

Below is a full listing of each of the boards you can post your question on. This listing is also found on the main page of the forum (

Microsoft Windows
     Windows 8 (,57.0.html)
     Windows Vista and 7 (,49.0.html)
     Windows XP (,50.0.html)
     Windows Server (,47.0.html)
     Windows NT / 2000 (,51.0.html)
     Windows 3.x, 95, 98, and ME (,48.0.html)
Microsoft DOS (,2.0.html)
Computer Hardware (,5.0.html)
Drivers (,4.0.html)
Computer Software (,9.0.html)
Internet Browsers (,3.0.html)
Computer Viruses and Spyware (,7.0.html)
Computer Games (,11.0.html)
Computer Programming (,6.0.html)
BSD, Linux, and Unix (,10.0.html)
Apple (,8.0.html)
Networking (,12.0.html)
Web design (,13.0.html)
Other (,16.0.html)