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Title: Vista not detecting CPU or RAM
Post by: Khet on January 11, 2008, 02:05:29 PM
My computer is a Lenovo T60, which I got from a friend of mine who had been running XP on it. Recently I upgraded to Vista x32 and have been having no problems (about a month of running) until about a week ago. Vista stopped detecting my CPU and RAM when I go under the System settings.

I try running a game and it says system requirements not met, game requires .9GHz, detected 0.0GHz. However, I played the game many times before the error on Vista.
Other games just won't run anymore and I'm thinking this is the problem.

I should have 2 GB RAM and two 1.46 GHz Processors, but Vista says I have no RAM or CPU (and I'm posting this on my computer with the problems)

To me it'd seem that if my CPU or RAM wasn't working at all I wouldn't even be able to keep using this laptop, right?