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Title: Windows Vista and Outlook?
Post by: gnt on June 03, 2008, 06:48:09 AM
I am a new user to Vista and need some help with MS Outlook e-mail.  My computer is a new custom built unit; so, there is no up-grade issues for the operating system or the MS Office 2007 programs.  Yesterday, I encountered a problem with the e-mail inbox.  My messages do not show up when the inbox is open.  I have two things showing up on the screen that would indicate the messages have not been deleted. 
1) In the upper left portion of the screen, on the same blue bar that says Inbox in bold letters and prior to field that says "Search Inbox" there is the words in faint blue letters and in parentheses "(Filter Applied)". 
2) In the lower right corner, on the bottom blue bar, just above the bottom black bar, the words "Filter Applied" shows up (not in parentheses) followed by the number of items, which is the same number of e-mails that were in the inbox yesterday plus the new e-mails today.
I have not been able to find anything in "Help" to tell me how to turn off the Filter or retrieve the e-mail messages in the inbox.  It only has Synchronized Filter and Multiple Filter information.
Any ideas how to get the messages to show up in the Inbox.
PS. Other members of the family use the computer too, so some keys may have been touched to cause this.