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Title: Computer Hope forum rules
Post by: Computer Hope Admin on June 10, 2008, 11:00:41 PM
The forums were designed to help users with all of their computer questions. However, they have not been designed to help users obtain illegal content, bypass protection, or cause users grief. This is a community driven forum, which means all help is given by Computer Hope volunteers and you use the forums and suggestions at your own risk. Below, is a short list of rules you must follow when using the Computer Hope forums.

Spam and solicitation

Spam, affiliation programs, referral link sites, schemes, or any solicitation is prohibited on the forums and can result in a permanent ban for life. Computer Hope will allow in moderation a mention of your own personal web site in your signature ONLY if you are a contributing member (e.g. over 50 helpful posts). In other words, if you are just looking to advertise or sale something look elsewhere because it wont be worth your time to try it here.

Causing users grief or hacking

Race, religion and politics

Copyrighted material

Unlicensed or cracked versions of Windows

Bypassing protection



Post removal

Finally, additional legal information relating to Computer Hope found on our legal page (