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Title: Use Revo Uninstaller To Terminate Unresponsive Processes
Post by: evilfantasy on July 11, 2008, 08:31:14 PM
Using  Revo Uninstaller ( you can easily terminate a hard to find running program/process that has become unresponsive by using Revo's built in Hunter Mode.
At times CTRL-ALT-DELETE can take a long time to open. When it finally does open you discover that the program you want to close is a process and not an application.
Step 1
 Launch Revo Uninstaller and click on Hunter Mode

Step 2

Find the Hunter Mode floating icon on your desktop and drag it onto the window you would like to terminate
Step 3

Select Kill Process from the context menu and thatís it. No need to go hunting down processes in the task manager.