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Title: Disapperaing Files
Post by: sisyphus on August 06, 2008, 01:06:44 PM
I need to work out how to recover files I can see in DOS but not in Windows.

The background is that I am running Vista. I use Windows mail which I keep on a separate drive ( E:\). I was trying to wipe free space on the E drive using Paragon Disk Wiper when I panicked because I thought it was wiping the entire disc, so I cancelled the wipe. When I started my email, it defaulted to the store on the C drive. I looked at the E drive with Windows Explorer ( set up to show all files ) but my directory Windows Mail had vanished.

I tried to set up a new folder called Windows Mail on the E drive using Windows Explorer but kept getting a message saying there was already a file called Contacts and did I want to over write it. I said "no " and used a different name.

However, this made me think and I went to a command prompt and looked at the directory for the E drive. It showed there was a folder called Windows Mail, and when I looked at its directory, I discovered it included all my contacts. It also has a very large file calledWindowsmail.msmessage store, and I assume that this is where all my emails are.

I tried to copy this to the C drive by typing copy windowsmail.messagestore c: and got a message saying that 1 file had been copied. However, I could not see it on the C drive either in a command prompt or in Windows Explorer.

I assume that all my emails are still there but not in a format recognised by Windows. I also assume, being an optimist,  that I should be able to recover them.

Can anyone give me a clue how I might do this?

Many Thanks.