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Title: login help
Post by: stalor214 on February 03, 2009, 11:02:35 PM
 ??? OK i started a new account on my apple but the power went out as i was doing it. Now when i start the computer it runs fine and show the log-in screen and stuff but if i try to log into the account i just created, it wont let me and it wont let me log into the other account. if a try it a few time it ask for the master password and when i try to change the password for the account it doesn't let me. i don't have a working boot CD Ive tried to make a new one but doesn't work. I'm not so familiar with macs but i know this isn't right so how do i fix it. and the OS is "mac OS x tiger" it has a power PC processor if you want to know more about it just ask and ill tell.  ??? But i cant think of anything Ive tried google came up with nothing  ??? Ive tried support but they don't listen so if i can find out how to fix it I'm throuing it out the window >:(  ???

so if you can help please this site is that computers last hope  :-\