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Title: Folder not showing even with show hidden files enabled
Post by: Jonas Wauters on February 07, 2009, 07:23:43 AM
My dad is working on a video of our holiday.
Now he riped some music files from a CD to MP3.
His OS(windows XP Pro SP3) is in Dutch.
But for some strange reason the Windows media player would only install in English.
now the problem is that windows media player riped the files to My music.
In dutch version it's "mijn muziek" so it made a new folder.
BUT: the folder isn't showing?!
I know it's there cause when we search for the music it does find it at location D:/Johan/My music.
But when he tries to navigate to that locating in windows explorer the My music folder isn't showing. I've checked the box of showing hidden files, exc. it's still not showing.
When I use Firefox I can navigate to that location.
Anyone knows what it might be? It's a really strange problem
And as the video editing prog uses windows explorer I can't navigate to it to add music to the vid. And I also can't type the location, It does work in the normal windows explorer when I just type the location. but that build in one in the editing prog doesn't allow you.

Thanks in advance

Jonas ;)