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Title: Computer freeze up
Post by: sardu on April 26, 2005, 07:21:31 AM
I recently installed a new hard drive.  I did a clean install of windows 2000.  Everything was running fine.  I went to hook up my sony digital camera for the first time to the redone system, and it frooze at about 60% when I was tranferring pictures to the hardrive.  So I rebooted and tried again, this time the computer said finding new hardware then it went to installing new hardware and then froze on that screen.  I had to reboot.  So I thought the easy way to fix this was to buy a Belkin 8 in 1 media reader and hook that up so I can read my memory stick, I thought wrong.  I get the same exact issue when installing this peice of hardware.  I first install the driver then restart the computer and then plug in the reader. It then gets frozen on the installing hardware pop up. Also the computer sometimes rebbots itself when I leave the reader plugged in and I reboot.  Any help with this issue is welcomed.  Again my camera hook up worked fine before I redid the system.