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Title: Malwarebytes 1.37
Post by: evilfantasy on May 26, 2009, 12:53:16 PM
Version 1.37 has been released to the public ( Major changes include the addition of two new languages and the addition of a 64-bit protection module.

1. (FIXED) Dramatically improved product updating.
2. (FIXED) /runupdate now completely silent, including errors.
3. (ADDED) Protection module now 64-bit compatible (XP SP2 and higher only).
4. (ADDED) New 32-bit protection module for XP SP2 and higher.
5. (ADDED) New heuristics for Trojan.JSRedir and other infections.
6. (ADDED) Type of scan displayed on scanning page.
7. (ADDED) Support for Arabic and Estonian language.

Product Details: Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware (

Report any issues to the Malwarebytes team at the Malwarebytes Forum (