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Title: Airbrushing, etc.
Post by: Rosie_L on May 11, 2004, 05:46:35 PM
Well, being that I am new, I made my thread in the wrong section  ??? , veryy embarassing I must say.  

But, back to the point, I was wondering if anyone knew how to airbrush a picture, touch-ups, clearing the background, fuzz, red eyes, etc; via Adobe Photoshop.
Please get back ASAP if you know of anywhere I can get help with this. Thanks a bunch!

Title: Re: Airbrushing, etc.
Post by: dl65 on May 12, 2004, 12:36:24 AM
Rosie_L........Photoshop , will do all that you describe and then some.......I use it all the time to touch up and modify . The biggest thing with photoshop is you have to play with it and learn what all the fuctions are. I don't know what version you have .....I have V.7 .......but they all work pretty much the same way with it ......try using the eraser . change the sizes . then play with the magic wand and the clone stamp . Its an awsesome prog ......when you learn to use it . If you have a specific question , I will try and answer it for you.

dl65  ???
Title: Re: Airbrushing, etc.
Post by: MetalMilitia on May 12, 2004, 05:47:04 AM
see my reply on your other tread, also there is a specifc tool for redeye removal. but i dont often use PS so i am not sure where. (Fireworks MX 2004 is my program of choice  ;) )