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Title: Internet Explorer 6.0
Post by: Tony on May 05, 2004, 08:29:44 PM
I am having a problem Internet Explorer 6.0.Whenever I try to start Explorer I get an error message stating that Internet Explorer has performed an Invalid Page Fault in Module Kernel 32.DLL. I have tried a couple of things I found at other sites including Microsofts.I have removed and reistalled 6.0, but get the same error with 5.5 and again with the reinstalled 6.0.Tried to have the Explorer repaired to no avail, deleted My passwords as one site said that a corrupted password will give that error, but agin it did not help.A strange thing is when I right click on the Explorer icon and use explore I still get the error message and close it out, but then it will load and I can get to some sites and then it will freeze up.Any help would be great.

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Operating System Win 98
Title: Re: Internet Explorer 6.0
Post by: merlin on May 06, 2004, 01:27:57 AM
do you wish to try this>;EN-US;194177  win9x hates ie6 people are better to stick with what they have?