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Author Topic: Fighting infection  (Read 8292 times)

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    Re: Fighting infection
    « Reply #15 on: May 20, 2010, 04:11:48 PM »
    Thank you for all your help!  :)
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    Re: Fighting infection
    « Reply #16 on: May 20, 2010, 04:55:16 PM »
    Thank you for all your help!
    You're welcome.

    * Click START then RUN - Vista users press the Windows Key and the R keys for the Run box.
    * Now type commy /uninstall in the runbox
    * Make sure there's a space between commy and /Uninstall
    * Then hit Enter

    * The above procedure will:
    * Delete the following:
    * ComboFix and its associated files and folders.
    * Reset the clock settings.
    * Hide file extensions, if required.
    * Hide System/Hidden files, if required.
    * Set a new, clean Restore Point.


    Download OTC by OldTimer and save it to your desktop.

    1. Double-click OTC to run it.
    2. Click the CleanUp! button.
    3. Select Yes when the "Begin cleanup Process?" prompt appears.
    4. If you are prompted to Reboot during the cleanup, select Yes
    5. OTC should delete itself once it finishes, if not delete it yourself.


    Clean out your temporary internet files and temp files.

    Download TFC by OldTimer to your desktop.

    Double-click TFC.exe to run it.

    Note: If you are running on Vista, right-click on the file and choose Run As Administrator

    TFC will close all programs when run, so make sure you have saved all your work before you begin.

    * Click the Start button to begin the cleaning process.
    * Depending on how often you clean temp files, execution time should be anywhere from a few seconds to a minute or two.
    * Please let TFC run uninterrupted until it is finished.

    Once TFC is finished it should restart your computer. If it does not, please manually restart the computer yourself to ensure a complete cleaning.

    Use the Secunia Software Inspector to check for out of date software.

    •Click Start Now

    •Check the box next to Enable thorough system inspection.

    •Click Start

    •Allow the scan to finish and scroll down to see if any updates are needed.
    •Update anything listed.

    Go to Microsoft Windows Update and get all critical updates.


    I suggest using WOT - Web of Trust. WOT is a free Internet security addon for your browser. It will keep you safe from online scams, identity theft, spyware, spam, viruses and unreliable shopping sites. WOT warns you before you interact with a risky website. It's easy and it's free.

    SpywareBlaster- Secure your Internet Explorer to make it harder for ActiveX programs to run on your computer. Also stop certain cookies from being added to your computer when running Mozilla based browsers like Firefox.
    * Using SpywareBlaster to protect your computer from Spyware and Malware
    * If you don't know what ActiveX controls are, see here

    Protect yourself against spyware using the Immunize feature in Spybot - Search & Destroy. Guide: Use Spybot's Immunize Feature to prevent spyware infection in real-time. Note: To ensure you have the latest Immunizations always update Spybot - Search & Destroy before Immunizing. Spybot - Search & Destroy FAQ

    Check out Keeping Yourself Safe On The Web for tips and free tools to help keep you safe in the future.

    Also see Slow Computer? It may not be Malware for free cleaning/maintenance tools to help keep your computer running smoothly.
    Safe Surfing!

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