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Author Topic: Too Hot to Fold  (Read 3920 times)

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Too Hot to Fold
« on: June 23, 2010, 11:55:36 PM »
I've been having an overheating problem with my CPU. When I fold it runs above the max. spec. temperature. Just can't seem to find the problem. I've tried new thermal paste and a new upgraded heatsinc with a bigger fan, just didn't help.. I took the PC into my local repair shop and their guessing that a capacitor or?? might be faulty.They just can't pin point the problem. In the mean time I've had to quit folding as that takes my temp. over the spec.max. My max. spec. temp. is 64C and when folding it runs to 66 or 67C. Even when not folding at times it reaches a max. of 63C. The temps. have been checked with SIW/Everest and in the BIOS. The PC runs great an gives no signs of a problem. Anyway,I've posted my PC specs. along with this problem in "Computer Hardware" but so far no solution.