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Author Topic: Wireless Home Networking With Mac OS X  (Read 2513 times)

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Wireless Home Networking With Mac OS X
« on: October 13, 2010, 09:20:18 PM »
Just got my first wireless router and have managed, with some troubleshooting, to attach three laptops to it's secured network.  Two laptops remain, and in this post I am requesting assistance with the Mac.
Home Internet: Verizon (provider), DSL (best speed: 100 Mbps), modem - Westell 6100 Series
Router: NETGEAR Wireless-N 150, WNR1000v2, best speed: 150 Mbps (only gotten 50 Mbps so far...)
(Other computers: Established a secure network over the Windows OS 7 laptop. However, it used Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA/WPA2) not supported by the older computers, so the assistant from Netgear had me change to WEP instead, then the second computer (Windows OS Vista) worked. The assistant helped me manually configure the third computer, Windows OS XP.)
The Mac:  Mac OS X, Version 10.4.8, Processor: 500 MHz PowerPC G4, Memory: 1 GB SDRAM
I've never used the internet over a Mac before, so I am unfamiliar with the entire internet / network section of the System Preferences.  (The computer keeps talking about a PPPoE server, don't know what that is. The computer lists both Firewire and AirPort as being on the Mac, but I cannot seem to use the Firewire preferences. What is AirPort?)  I've never used the DSL Ethernet wire connection to this computer, but it has a port so it must have an Ethernet card. (Does Mac have a Device Manager?)
Since it's a Mac, and it's an older computer, I thought that this question was specific enough to be worthy of posting. 
Thank you for your assistance.