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fail on int 24


when i removed windows and try to install new windows xp i get this error (invalid system disk) and try to install it in dos prompt error (fail on int 24) appear

Sounds like an ancient machine to me...

Salmon Trout:
On computers old or new, MS-DOS INT 24 error means a critical error has occurred, probably failure to write to disk. It is usually followed by the prompt (ABORT, RETRY, IGNORE). Possible causes: Hardware failure (hard disk drive or controller), hard disk cable faulty or loose, hard disk incorrectly partitioned. Other possibilty: ancient (reported 1992) MS-DOS virus ("Green Joker") has infested every .com file in MS-DOS boot media. This is less likely given that the Windows installer also fails.

I know I'm many years late to the party here, but I had this INT 24 problem with my 5 1/4 drive.

I tried different floppy cables, different 5 1/4 drives, disabling drivers. It drove me crazy for hours. The one thing I didn't change? The actual floppy disk.

Once I found a 5 1/4 floppy disk which actually worked, the "fail on INT 24" problem went away.

Hope this helps someone.


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