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Author Topic: TV LCD Computer  (Read 1313 times)

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    TV LCD Computer
    « on: April 29, 2013, 05:56:28 AM »
    I have my computer connect to LCD TV  (cable vga - vga). Works well a few time but now my TV is turning off when i turn on the computer. I need some help please


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    Re: TV LCD Computer
    « Reply #1 on: May 01, 2013, 02:42:33 PM »
    Only time I have seen this is when HDMI cable was connected also between computer and TV. HDMI cables can pass coded instructions to other devices and conflict similar to having 2 devices with 2 IR Remotes and the Menu button selection on a Blu-Ray player lets just state for example is  10110101  interpreted by TV as channel change etc.

     Haven't seen this yet with VGA, as for VGA has no ability to device communicate like HDMI has. VGA is just raw video output/input and sync on the signal if there is one to sync to.

    Only other thought is that the computer is pulling too many amps through a shared power strip etc with other devices on the strip as well to run the power strip to its carrying capacity limit of watts and the TV then is receiving a quick dip in line power to it when the PC boots and that is dropping out the latch circuit that is used to keep the TV on. If this is the case adding a battery backup with TV and computer on the battery backup would quickly compensate for a quick AC power dip and the TV should remain on without powering off.

    I have a 32" LCD TV in my livingroom with an older computer under it with wireless keyboard and mouse and I am using just the VGA to TV, so I can relax back in my recliner and game World of Warcraft with friends in luxury. I haven't had this power off issue with TV and computer turned on, but I also have a 750VA APC UPS battery backup keeping it all powere strong even if there is a short power outage. *Only complaint I have with my setup is that its hard reading the text on the screen from 8 feet away when gaming and no ability to increase the font size in the games that are hard coded to text size.  ;D