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Author Topic: Tips on building computers  (Read 113168 times)

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Tips on building computers
« on: December 12, 2011, 12:44:38 AM »
This post has been created after kbit made some suggestions in his own thread.  For anyone who's built a computer post your tips, suggestions, or mistakes you made while building their computer so others don't make them. Anyone is welcome to make suggestions and I'll keep this as a sticky post so others interested in building a computer can easily find the thread.  :D

Some of my suggestions.
  • Always shop around. Hundreds of online shops to buy hardware and easy to find deals and the cheapest price.
  • Use old hardware. If you've got older computers with disc drives, sound cards, network cards, etc., use the old hardware so you don't have to buy new.
  • Make sure system has plenty of cooling and test to make sure it's not overheating.
  • Get a big enough power supply if you plan on gaming. High-end video cards require lots of juice; make sure to get at least a 500W PSU or see what the video card will require before buying a PSU.
  • After system has been built leave it on for several days and stress test it to make sure everything works before starting to install programs.
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Re: Tips on building computers
« Reply #1 on: December 12, 2011, 08:06:22 AM »
Before even installing the operating system, spend some time with the below:

Run MemTest.  I think two passes is enough, but others may comment here on that further.  (It is going to take a few hours)
If you don't know what MemTest is, what "passes" are, etc.,  no problem.   Prepare now, by going to :  http://www.memtest86.com  .   Read.  Download.  (It is free).
Create a bootable CD.

I have experienced purchasing brand new ram, and having a bad stick.  While it is depressing to discover, it is better to discover it at this stage, rather than later after having installed OS, and wondering why strange things happen.

Google the manufacturer of your hard drive.
Visit their website, and download their free diagnostic software. Create a bootable CD.
Test your hard drive with it.
If there is a 'long' test and a 'short' test,  I seem to remember that the short test is enough, but hopefully someone else will comment.

After installing OS, you may want to test further with a stress test.
Google for free stress test software.  It has been a while for me, but some names that come to mind are:
OCCT, Linpack, and Prime95.    Others here may comment on which is 'best', or perhaps even name others.
Again, prepare now by visiting their sites.  Read. Download, etc.
I don't remember how long to let one of these run, for a good test.   Hopefully someone else will comment.



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    Re: Tips on building computers
    « Reply #2 on: December 12, 2011, 09:32:27 AM »
    I think another good tip would be to know where you can save money, and know where to spend money.  The latest and greatest graphics card or processor today might be only half as much to buy next year - so unless there is a need for the most expensive parts, you can find a good deal on buying something older to save money and upgrade later when prices go down.

    On the other hand, getting a nice power supply or motherboard/RAM is going to really make or break a good build.  Be sure to read the reviews and if something costs 20 or 30 dollars more, but comes with more quality - bite the bullet and know you're getting a better product.
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    Re: Tips on building computers
    « Reply #3 on: December 18, 2011, 03:32:55 PM »
    As a beginner computer builder I used a barebones kit and didn't realize how easy it was.  Just be sure you install all the motherboard stays that the mother board requires so the MB doesn't touch any part of the case.  I am sure as I become more computer knowledgeable I will build from scratch but the barebones kit was an excellent place f me as  a beginner computer builder  to start. barebones is like putting a puzzle together.
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    Re: Tips on building computers
    « Reply #4 on: February 11, 2012, 01:21:27 AM »
    1 thing is to do all the cable tidying before u start the pc
    i had it going and was changing some cables around and at the time i had a ide the sata converter for my hdd.
    i unplugged it and moved the cable through another way and when i plugged it  back in i plugged it in upside down and the power caped melted and the + and - touched and shut it all down
    thankfully my mb had serge protection and turned the psu off.
    it was a big lesson and i have learnt!
    also another good thing was that the mb picked up a surge a week after i build it.
    it was a windy night and the lights were flickering.
    i couldn't figger what had happened but later remembered about the the surge protection even though i had a wall surge protector in and that missed it!
    a minute later the power goes out...go figer!