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Author Topic: Terminal Services Confusion.  (Read 3738 times)

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    Terminal Services Confusion.
    « on: March 04, 2012, 07:54:11 AM »

    Just a little confused with terminal services and remote desktop and wondering if anyone can help me. From what I understand, if say I connect to my server (2003) from my client (xp) using remote desktop it opens up a new session,a log on essentially and I can work on the server that way. At the same time, the main session, which is called the console session will still be logged in running programs yes? That's if some has logged on locally and locked the machine or actually sat working. The console session however will not be running if no one has logged on, is that correct?

     From what I've read you can connect to this session using the mstsc /console switch. What also confuses me is, when I do this it doesn't work as expected. I expect to see my client control the server, and see this happening on the servers monitor, or at least say the exact same desktop as it was left. The way I've got this to work is to set a group policy setting on the server, and then connect using remote desktop and run shadow 0 from the command line to get the desired affect.

    This maybe really simple but hopefully someone can clarify it for me.

    Thanks for the help


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    Re: Terminal Services Confusion.
    « Reply #1 on: March 14, 2012, 09:57:06 AM »
    All RDP sessions lock the screen at the server end.  This is not like VNC.
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