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Author Topic: Upgrades  (Read 4506 times)

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« on: August 27, 2012, 02:31:27 PM »
This was my first build  ::) and was posted here some time ago. NZXT Duet. Really liked that lil case, and its dual positioning. Still do.

From OCZ to a shorter/better Silverstone ps and 6850.

I don't see myself changing from this newer case anytime in the forseeable future.

Still the same old 890GX/555/1600 platform that runs mostly in x2 mode but x4 is stable when I need it. Same 16GB SLC & WDB 640 too. Moved from Sata II 60GB to Sata III 120GB, mod ps, H20 920 :)

Mods =
removed hdd cage and teaked that front 120mm bracket so the cooler would mount.
modded 3x5.25 120mm adapter for the back of the remaining cage/Slim Scythe. (exhuast)
customized sata power length, added a 4th connector, and made it go up. Have since moved the 2.5 forward so fan would fit closer to cage.
cut 120mm in bottom of case.
with aluminum , fabbed a false bottom, ps end cap, and strip to make the side of the cage flush. most cables are under the the false bottom. the rest of whats behind the ps/mb looks good, just not ready to pic it
blackened the fan stickers and wires. covered 2 fans.
3 cable extensions.
removed stock rubber feet then added rubber feet I already (NZXT sent me extra's ;D)had to add height, then stands. the rubbers fit the mounting profile of the new stands perfectly  8)
Windowed side.
back/top/bottom=intake.  cpu/cage fan/rear vents=exhuast.

With a little more cable management and a couple LED's I'll be done. I think  :-X