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Author Topic: Windows 8 and SD card with photos; help before husband throws the computer out  (Read 17412 times)

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    I got my husband a new laptop for Christmas and it has Windows 8.  It's driving my husband (and me) crazy.  My husband has a SD Card of photos from a game trail camera.   With his old laptop he could just put the SD card in his computer and flip through the images by hitting the side to side arrow keys.  For the life of us we cant figure this out on the new computer.  What are we doing wrong... hopefully someone can help us and also explain this is very basic simple terms :)  Thank you.


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    First of all, Does the PC do anything when you insert the card?

    Don't feel bad. Other people are finding similar problems with looking at photos non Windows 8. Here are two items you may want to read.

    Simple now means hard. They say...
    ...The Windows 8 desktopís photo-management tools offer more control than the Start screenís Photos app, but they have one drawback: Unlike the Photos app, the desktopís Photo Viewer shows only photos stored on your own computer. To see photos stored elsewhere, you need to visit that site, be it on Facebook, SkyDrive, or Flickr, for example...

    But there is more and more...
    This is almost funny...
    ... you'll find Photos, a media management app designed by Microsoft to make it easy for you to view photos and videos from disparate devices and social networks in one central location.  ...
    Does that help any? If so, can you explain it to me?

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