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Author Topic: Best Blue Tooth Devices for I-Phone (& PC)  (Read 2878 times)

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    Best Blue Tooth Devices for I-Phone (& PC)
    « on: February 18, 2013, 09:22:01 PM »
    I have an I-Phone 4.  After buying one for myself and one for my wife nearly 2 years ago, I bought 2 Motorola blue tooth devices - one for each of our 2 cars.  They are the kind that you clip onto the sun visors.  The problem is that the voice quality is not good.  Important phone calls for business purposes and the other party often has trouble making out what I say.  Extremely frustrating. 

    I would like to get another blue tooth device or 2 that have much better quality performance and hopefully won't cost a fortune.  I would prefer the same "sun-visor" type but I'm willing to go with one that clips on my ear if necessary. 

    Are some devices better suited for the I-Phone?  Ay suggestions as to what I should get?  The last thing I want is to spend another $75+ for a device with lousy performance.  It would be nice if I could also use it with my PC. 

    I look forward to your suggestions!