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Author Topic: AOL - problem making settings for font, font size, signature, etc.  (Read 3905 times)

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    I finally gave up on Yahoo for my email as I got tired of the slowness, re-appearance of deleted emails, non-delivery of emails, etc.,  So, back to AOL and I set a Signature when I first set it up, however, now that I am a little more familiar with it I would like to set the font and font size and a few other settings, however, every time I make these changes and hit the SAVE, AOL tells me that my signature is too long or too big.  I used a smaller size font, still told me it was too big or too long;  shortened it to 3 little words, still wouldn't work.  Finally, I eliminated the Signature all together, made all my other changes, clicked SAVE and got the same message that the Signature was too big or too long and it wouldn't accept the other changes until the Signature was taken care of.  Has anyone else had this problem with AOL settings?  I just get tired of having to set the font to a 12 or 14pt every time I write an email.  Thank you,