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Author Topic: high memory  (Read 2096 times)

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    high memory
    « on: November 18, 2013, 04:56:21 PM »
    -I keep getting a message on my notebook telling me that my memory is too high.
     I am practically computer illiterate so the posts I have see on this have gone over my head so far.
    The message told me to close or restart the programs I was using in order to clear the memory. when I had done this I would quickly see the message again. I had open google chrome with perhaps 5 pages (facebook and news articles, no streaming or videos) and onenote which I use for university.

    After I had had only onenote open this kept occuring. I cleared all my browser history and then closed all the programs that seemed to be running.
    this confused me- iut appeared that there were hundreds of programs running at once. I am used to windows 7 where when i would close a program it would stop running. but my task manager seemed to be showing that spotify and other programs were simultaneously running too despite me having previously closed them.
    once i stopped them in task manager my program seemed to begin towork. but I reopened task manager and this time was able to view 4 columns next tp each process that was running.
    the 4 columns are named CPU memory, disk and network. i have no idea what each one actually corresponds to in terms of usage. all i know is that as i did nothing on my computer. the percentages in each of these columns changed. memory showed to be 98% at first, but then the disk went from 0% to 97% as I watched memory frop to 78% and then creep back up to 99%
    As I watch right now cpu shows 71%, memory 25%, disk 0% and network 0%. I am currently typing this from my other older laptop.

    how do I solve this problem as my notebook has been freezing up quite often recently which makes it useless as it supposed to be convenient in being quick to boot up and light enough to carry easily for work. In my job i can't really wait for it to restart for 15 minutes.
    especially not every hour or so.
    CPU is now 94%, memory 28% disk 74% and network 0% (despite the fact that i have still pressed nothing while I have ben typing this.

    One note has also keep flashing with red wording saying "not responding" but again why would that keep coming up when I am not currently doing anything within the program?

    Do I have some kind of virus or could this be classified as a memory leak? I genuinely have no idea.

    thanks for any help you give.


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    Re: high memory
    « Reply #1 on: November 18, 2013, 07:57:49 PM »
    Welcome to the CH forum.
    How old is you Windows 8 computer?
    Some kind of virus or malware  is always a possibility.
    Do you have an Anti-Virus program?



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