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Author Topic: PSU missing 6 pin AUX connector  (Read 1749 times)

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    PSU missing 6 pin AUX connector
    « on: April 28, 2014, 12:52:42 PM »
    I have recently bought a new PSU for my PC. The old PSU was the standard PSU from HP, which had a 4-pin, 6-pin and a weird flat 6-pin connector, which i found out was a 6-pin AUX. The problem now is that my new PSU doesn't have that flat 6-pin AUX connector and it supplies the motherboard with power, so i can't do anything without it. Does any one know where i can get an ATX to 6-pin AUX converter or have any other solutions for the problem.

    Old PSU: Standard PSU for HP 8100 Elite CMT
    New PSU: Corsair VS650
    PC: HP 8100 Elite CMT; Serial: CZ05054TM


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    Re: PSU missing 6 pin AUX connector
    « Reply #1 on: April 28, 2014, 01:52:31 PM »
    Would you be able to post a photo of the power supply connectors and your motherboard?  Lots of those HP machines use completely proprietary power supplies so they are extremely difficult or even impossible to upgrade.  Why are you needing to replace your PSU?