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Author Topic: Devices Connected to Switch Show Unidentified Network  (Read 987 times)

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    Devices Connected to Switch Show Unidentified Network
    « on: January 21, 2018, 06:19:56 PM »

    Xfinity just installed an amp to my network. Everything was working okay after the installation.

    However, several days after the installation, all my internet connections were lost. I reset my modem and router. I was able to regain my wireless connections (with one exception). However, all connections hard-wired via Cat5e are not working. On each machine (all Windows 7), the Ethernet connection indicates "Unidentified network, public network" and no network access.

    After significant troubleshooting, I have found that this problem is isolated to the machines connected to the LAN via a switch. If I connect a machine directly to the router, I have connectivity as expected. However, everything through the switch is problematic.

    I am able to connect wirelessly through all machines except my primary computer. On this computer, the wireless network shows a connection to the Home network and strong signal strength but every time I try to access the internet, I receive a time-out. I have disabled the firewall and antivirus and the problem hasn't resolved. I would guess this is a different issue than the switch issue, though each happened at the same time. Regarding the primary computer, I have reinstalled the wireless driver and still the problem exists.

    Any help is appreciated.