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Author Topic: In a home network how could I control traffic going to a specific device/s  (Read 925 times)

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    Hi, I'd really appreciate a pro advise please

    I've got wireless internet at home 6MB speed (Uncapped, unshaped), I've got a teenager at home hogging my internet. There's NO other problem except her using the majority of it, this matter is confirmed and there's no other possibilities as it was all inspected and confirmed. So my net speed from the ISP is perfect, my device is working perfectly, all is fine except that there's one person who doesn't wanna share.

    Is there software/or a way to monitor and CONTROL the amount of traffic that a specific device/s gets? I want to give her a specific speed and not allow her to exceed it, this way it will be just fair.

    Important note: I'm just a user so i'm no IT graduate, would really appreciate an easy to understand language :) .. and my O.S is Windows 10 Home. Thank you.


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      There is a good chance that you can limit bandwidth to specific devices in your router configuration.

      Refer to your router manual for details about how to log in and change Administrative settings. If you don't have the manual, download it from your router manufacturer's website (or from your ISP, if the router is branded and provided by your ISP).

      If you make changes, also make sure to change the Administrative password on your router, so that your bandwidth-hogger can't log in and revert your changes using the default user/password combination.
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