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Author Topic: How to make sure all is clean?  (Read 888 times)

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    How to make sure all is clean?
    « on: May 08, 2018, 09:14:33 AM »
    Hi :)

    I really need your help! Seems I have been hacked.

    I have recently purchased a new laptop due to this(old one needed replacing anyways) and a router. So, I need to get this all done right, or I it will have all been in vain.

    My questions are the following:
    1. Is it enough to get a new PC and router to make sure eth is clean? I have ADSL as far as I know. Someone told me I could get a VPN to make sure as the network can be tampered with in other ways. ( I have no idea how. All that comes to mind are the cables and the phone when I think of my connection).
    Would a VPN cover me completely if the network has been tampered with in any way?

    2. Another important Q is: If I don't have a different network and share a router with someone at home, is there anyway of making the shared router and my laptop secure from other devices also using said router?

    A guest option you mentioned could be a solution? Can this possibly work for a connection via cable to the router also(for devices that aren;t mine and could possibly be infected), not just wifi? To make a guest option on my router for both wifi and cable connection to router from devices I don't personally use? By this guest option I would separate myself from other devices I don't use?

    If not possible, can I have two routers on the same network(same IP address?) And would that work to keep my router and laptop secure or does sharing the same network impose a security risk anyways?

    I assume each router would have their own passwords? Or is this only possible if they have different IPs?

    Could a VPN possibly cover the dangers of a shared router?

    Finally, is there ath else I should do to ensure a safe everything? :D

    I really need this done ASAP! I;d be forever grateful for your help.