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Author Topic: Router installation  (Read 1863 times)

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    Router installation
    « on: May 11, 2018, 03:43:13 PM »
    Hi. Advice would be really nice.

    I bought a new wireless router(Mercusys-only one they had) and I the setup seems real simple, but after doing some googling, I see I might need to enter my ISPs username and PW and address and other stuff.

    Is this necessary or will it be automatic?
    I need to know cuz I won;t have net access.
    What will they ask for apart from ISP username and PW?

    I don;t have a modem, just a cable.

    I;m changing routers just in case the other one is compromised so I need to disconnect the old one completely.
    If the new router doesnt request all the ISP stuff, does that mean I am still somehow using the old router and that compromises security? Should it ask for the ISP stuff?
    I also read that if it doesn;t, it means Im just using the router;s wifi and not my cable connection.

    Process(cable, no modem)
    Turn off old router, take out cables.. should I disconnect the router from PC or ath else?
    Insert power line and cable connection into new router, wait and turn on.

    Then I get different info on routers web page which i think i can easily access. Dunno about isp stuff.



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    Re: Router installation
    « Reply #1 on: May 11, 2018, 06:40:43 PM »
    This is from dictation, there might be some funny grammar. ;D

    Your question will be answered shortly, however there are important details you have not mentioned. You want to include some details about where you live and what service you have. Not enough information to invade your privacy, but enough information to help others understand what kind of problem you are having.
    In many parts of the United States people get Internet service through one of the cable television companies, such as Comcast. The other providers have similar services delivered over either telephone wires, pay-TV cable, or possibly a broadband wireless connection.
    A few individuals had direct satellite, but that probably is not what you are using.
    In general, the Internet service provider will set up the equipment for you and give you instructions that are easy-to-follow.
    I am wondering how to chew get a piece of equipment for Internet service without getting also the information from the provider about how to make it work?
    Each service provider has specific details about how their equipment works. So it's not easy for anybody here to tell you exactly what you have to do.
    Please provide some more details annex plane why you did not get a manual or quick setup guide that tells you exactly what to do.  :)

    End of dictation.


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    Re: Router installation
    « Reply #2 on: May 13, 2018, 01:52:57 PM »
    I don;t have a modem, just a cable.
    A router alone cannot connect to the internet.  So, if you have no modem, how are you connecting to the internet?



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      Re: Router installation
      « Reply #3 on: May 23, 2018, 04:08:13 PM »
      Easiest thing is to call your ISP and ask them for username and password and setup installation.