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Author Topic: Router, wifi and PC  (Read 1165 times)

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    Router, wifi and PC
    « on: May 26, 2018, 04:16:51 AM »
    Hi! I really need to make sure, by tomorrow, that my wired connection and PC are safe when I give out wifi PW(I have to..)

    If someone has wifi pass and access directly to network they can only access the wifi transmission part and if I don't send any traffic via wifi and if I disable the router page from wifi connection so they cant make changes, then my PC itself and its traffic is safe, while I'm on wire?

    Say my router itself or other devices connected to it or wifi or anything related to the router is compromised, or someone knew default router page PW, the router was reconfig, ath.

    So, I'd need to disable the  rotuer config page for no one to be able to make changes via wireless and sth about enabling wireless isolation? Is that the guest network part or is it sth additional? If I cant make a guest network can I still enable wireless isolation to isolate wireless form wired or ath else to protect wired from wireless.

    So I did this:
    I enabled hide network on SSID 1(my future to be protected network, tho i am on wire now and will use wire) and enabled it;s isolation. Should I have done that to SSID 1 or to SSID2? or both?

    SSID 2 I enabled. Should I have enabled isolation for it too? Or just it and not SSID 1?

    Is this a true guest network that would separate my pc and wire from wireless?

    I cant really check as I have no other device I trust not compromised to check.
    I have a ZTE ZXHN H108n router modem adsl

    If I enable no changes to router page by wireless and isolation, my wired is safe? No other ways to get in or see my traffic or hurt my PC itself? If this isn't truly a guest network the multiple SSIDs, can I still isolate wireless from wired and keep wired and PC safe?



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    Re: Router, wifi and PC
    « Reply #1 on: May 26, 2018, 10:43:41 AM »
    Best way to make wired safe is to have a separate wireless router for those using wifi that your giving the wifi password out to from that of the other router that the PC will be connected to. This will give you a hardware firewall between the 2 networks and isolation. This is the setup I use to be able to give people access to my wifi at home and have my stuff secure and isolated from the one that is shared with others.

    Basically you have your modem with a router connected to that. Then have another second router connected to a port on the first router. Put people onto this router second one in, if anyone gets onto that network they can only see traffic on that network, they cant see traffic on the first router where your PC is located . Your PC is connected to the first router and as secure as can be if in addition to this your running an up to date version of windows fully patched an firewall enabled without any exceptions that would make for exploits.