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Author Topic: Monitor Display Distorted  (Read 26755 times)

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    Monitor Display Distorted
    « on: December 05, 2005, 08:36:50 PM »

    My monitor just recently started to display a distorted/hazy/faint/dull/blurry/wavy picture. And/or there are faint lines running through the picture.

    (or several variations of the above, all having to do with poor monitor display).


    In many cases, especially when the monitor display becomes fuzzy or one color channel becomes too dominant, a failing monitor is to blame and it likely will need to be replaced. However, the following steps are recommended before making the decision to purchase a new display:
    • Check VGA/DVI-I monitor cable to make certain that no pins are bend or broken.

    • Ensure the video connection into the computer case is tight and secure.
    • Degauss the monitor using the On Screen Display (OSD)menu using the navigation buttons on the monitor casing
    • Verify no magnetic devices which could cause distortion are close to the monitor.
    • Ensure the video card is properly seated, removing it and reseating it if in doubt. Take precautionary measures against Electro Static Discharge.
    • Install monitor drivers to be able to unlock (or select) the optimal refresh rate for each resolution available to your monitor. Monitor drivers can be obtained from the manufacturer.

    If all above methods have failed and the monitor continues to show a distorted/hazy/faint/dull/blurry/wavy picture the unit will have to be replaced. Contact the manufacturer for warranty if possible.

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