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Author Topic: New Router and SPI has to be disabled to Port Forward for VoIP  (Read 760 times)

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So my D-Link router died and I replaced it with a newer router. Oddly in order to set port forwarding for my Vonage Phone it told me you cant set up port forwarding with SPI enabled. So I set a reservation for the MAC address of the Vonage Phone to be at a specific IP Address. Then rebooted the Vonage Phone so it picked up the IP Address as reserved. I turned off SPI and then was able to set the port forwarding for port range 21 through 10000. Vonage phone then working.

However when done and all working and password changed from default and all that, I decided to look into the SPI Firewall as for I never seen that feature before in prior routers that I had and how dangerous is it to run with SPI disabled. Shouldnt there be another firewall in place that protects devices other than SPI?


Looking online there was suggestions of putting the Vonage Phone on the DMZ and then no port forwarding needed, however the Vonage Phone is about 11 years old and there might be an exploit to hack it and putting it on the DMZ to me is playing with FIRE as for its wide open to hackers as anything on DMZ would be.

I have been using Port Forwarding for years and no problems. I have only used my DMZ when running Honey Pots to fish for hackers years ago and have them attack or alter my honey pot system for me to then offline check out what kinds of scripts and hacks they plant on it etc. I stopped doing this when someone started to DDoS attack me and it killed my Phone and Internet until I got my Cable Modem to connect to a different IP through ISP.


Here below is the link to the router that I have. Originally I bought this because I wanted a cheap NAS solution, but never went through with that project and when D-link died, I took it out of the box and set it up as the new home router. https://www.skivatech.com/products/easyconnect-n300-nas-wifi-router