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Author Topic: How to make customer support Worse. Or Better  (Read 627 times)

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How to make customer support Worse. Or Better
« on: August 06, 2018, 04:45:03 PM »
How to make customer support worse.

If you want to make your technical support center even worse than it already is here is a simple formula. Stop hiring people that know what they're doing and higher a few smart Alec's were telling you he can be all done with computers. Have them prepare a whole list of hard to understand forms and menus and put that up on a website and tell the people this is their new improved support plan.

Of course, it is sure to fail. The only way you will know that it is failing is when people stop buying your product because they've been receiving negative reviews on social media. Stop and think about it. People respond the people more than may do computers. Although this seems to be a group of people who think that computers are better than people for solving problems that people have. Don't listen to them. They will destroy your business.

I've had some difficult times with my local bank and with a software company whose product I really enjoy. In fact, I am using their product right now to dictate this complaint. Fortunately, the program will allow me to more uses until it shuts down completely because I cannot fill out their insane act vacation requirements. Actually, I have activated the program and I am still the same person and this is still my computer.

The problem is my computer has some hardware issues and also it sometimes picks up malware. This means that from time to time I have to install my operating system on a clean hard drive and reinstall my favorite programs, including this one.

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to let the activation center know that I am the same person and that I am not making an extra copy of the program to sell to somebody else. I'm just reinstalling it on my computer.

And yes, I do have a login to get into the support, but I have lost the password. That's what happens when you have to wipe your hard drive and start over again. Most of my data is backed up, but some of the password lists are not complete.

How to make it Better.

Those companies out there that are considering improving their help center should follow the example of Microsoft. Microsoft makes it fairly easy to activate a program or an operating system purchased from Microsoft. Once the program has been activated, it is not necessary to go through a lot of trouble to reinstall it on the same computer. Somehow Microsoft has a way of knowing that you're using the same computer and that you have not copied their program or operating system on to somebody else's computer. Other companies need to follow that example and do It the Way, Microsoft does.

But in the event that something does go wrong, Microsoft does have a phone number that users can call in and talk to a real person. In some cases that is the only way to solve a problem person has. This is especially true for individuals that have some additional problems, such as other people interfering with what they're trying to do and hardware that doesn't work right. In that case you can call Microsoft directly and talk a real person and to explain to them your real problem that is not listed on a form or FAQ.

By the way, the product I am using is called Dragon naturally speaking. When the activation fails it directs me to the website and proceeds to forget what program I am using. How can it possibly forget what program I am using?
I would contact Nuance directly, and I used to be able to do that, but I can no longer find a support more number where I could call somebody directly at some convenient time and talk to real person. Apparently someone has decided to keep that information secret.
End of rant.  ;D

What about you?
Have you ever had this kind of non-support incident?   ???
What good examples can you name?