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Author Topic: No write access to arbitrary folders in windows 8 via file associations  (Read 1383 times)

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    Dear Friends, dear experts,
    I'm new here, sorry if doing something wrong. Try to explain in bad English.
    Need help with windows 8 access rigths.
    Any help is highly appreciated (but I do not need to be protected by anyone else).
    My Problem:
    Need to write to (almost) any folder in my system. Have Installed the applications as admin,
    have the lnk files defined as admin, working ok, BUT
    when I start a program by double clicking a file (via file type association), this program doesn't start with admin rights and so it cannot store the file to the desired location. I cannot restrict this access to any subfolder or subtree.
    And I NEED to access also file shares (which works, but does not work when I login as admin).
    Does anyone have an idea? Thank you in advance Regards bk