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Author Topic: Sites Delay Loading With 2 Computers On Wifi - Goes Away When One Is Off  (Read 663 times)

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    Hi All.

    This sounds like a simple problem, but I have tried everything.

    Problem: Bought 2 new inexpensive Acer desktops with windows 10. With both computers on, websites have a 5-10 second delay before they load. Then they load quickly. This happens with both computers. If we sleep or turn off one computer, the problem goes away. It seems to be some sort of interference the two computers are having between themselves.

    Details: We have high speed 100gb cable internet, new modem, new wireless router with twin band 2.5 and 5mhz. No problems with old computers on this new equipment. Cable company has tested everything on their end. Their service, the modem, and router appear to be working correctly.

    What We Have Tried:
    It happens with all browsers. We have cleared DNS settings. We have changed DNS settings. We have cleared cache's. We have run virus software. We have tried running with no virus software. We have tried running in safe mode. We have tried moving the modem/router closer. We have tried changing router channels. We have tried running one computer on the 2.5ghz, and one on the 5ghz.

    Suggestions to fix it?