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Author Topic: My computer isn't connecting to any network  (Read 728 times)

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    My computer isn't connecting to any network
    « on: December 06, 2018, 12:34:40 PM »
    Hello! So, these days I restarted my laptop and since it turned back on, the options of network don't appear anymore. I've tried troubleshooting, as well as connecting through cable on an internet modem, but none of it worked. Could anyone help? I don't know what's happening. And also, I can't enable the windows firewall defender for some reason, it all happened at the same time. Could it be virus or something...? Some things I connect on usb are not working as well, like my iphone charger... My phone doesn't appear on itunes or on pc when I connect it in. But this isn't the biggest problem, I'm just mentioning it in case it helps diagnosing it. :/ I'm sorry if this isn't the right topic to post my question on, but since the first problem is the network not connecting... I'm doing it in here. Thank you.



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      Re: My computer isn't connecting to any network
      « Reply #1 on: December 21, 2018, 03:26:53 AM »
      Avoid IP Address Conflicts
      If your computer and another on the network both have the same IP address, the conflict between them will prevent either from working properly online.

      Action - To resolve an IP conflict, follow these instructions to release and renew your IP address. If your network uses static IP addresses, manually change your IP to a different number.

      Check for Computer Firewall Malfunctions
      Firewall software running on most computers is intended to prevent unwanted network traffic from disrupting its operation. Unfortunately, these software firewalls can malfunction and start blocking valid Internet traffic. When two software firewalls, such as Windows Firewall plus a third-party product, are installed on the same computer, contention between the two can also incorrectly block traffic.