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Microsoft Kills Edge Browser.

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The title says it: Microsoft Kills Edge Browser.
You find it on Google or your favorite search tool.  8)
I was wanted to say 'Why am I not supersized' ; but that is dishonest. because I am surprised.  :o I do not like it, but I never knew everybody felt that way.
So my Question is:
Why are you not surprised?  ;D

Don't know where you got that however I'd guess it was from one of many unsurprisingly hyperbolic tecch articles on the subject. Only about a tenth seem to link back to an actual source and a bunch of them seem to fill copy with some blabbering about Edge's "rich history" (?).

In any case, best source is from MS themselves, right here.

They aren't killing Edge in the sense that they are sunsetting it; they are apparently rebuilding it, using what is effectively the same underlying browser engine as Google Chrome... Of course one could argue that is "killing edge" because it's really just going to be Chrome with Microsoft's, uh... chrome... around it.

The big concern from this is that it is moving closer towards the web becoming a Monoculture, one which Google holds dominion over; Right now it's Microsoft, Google, and Mozilla; with this, Microsoft is basically dropping out and using Google's Chromium project for Edge meaning that there are only two players when it comes to browser standards: Google, and Mozilla.

You can already see the signs of a Google Monoculture in web developer circles. "Standard compliant" has started to mean "It works in chrome" to a lot of them; I've seen Firefox and Edge both described negatively as "not supporting standards" because they didn't support chrome-specific non-standard web extensions, and I highly doubt that this is going to help much in that regard- A lot of people will talk big about "following standards" but don't actually know what they are. That's why IE and then Edge were so frequently chastised as not "following standards"- Not by people who knew the standards themselves but by those who rank "compliance" with "stuff works". Sometimes standards are about what shouldn't work just as much as about what should.

For what it is worth, I found four sties that used words similar to topic title.





These all seem to be from the same source. Compatibility is given as a resewn for the change. That would seem to be a good reason.
Nevertheless, a few users had posted elsewhere some other reasons why. The say it has to do with security and Windows 10 updates. Ransomware was mentioned.
 MS is making c

So, Edge is just like Windows 10, in that the only way Microsoft can get mass adoption is to force it onto people whether they want it or not.

Every week I see more reasons to be glad I separated from Windows years ago.


--- Quote ---Every week I see more reasons to be glad I separated from Windows years ago.
--- End quote ---

If able to go without Windows thats great and all, but for gamers where Microsoft owns the rights to DirectX and no Open Source has made a DirectX module to tap into the power of DirectX, many games just dont perform as well with OpenGL.

I tried to do without Windows years ago and figured I will always have to have my gaming systems Windows based vs trying to completely sever ties with Microsoft's products.

As car as Chrome used for the core of the new Edge browser though just read about this now and its interesting. I was hoping over the years that Microsoft was going to sort of copy Apple and use Linux as the core of its OS. Because this then might open up DirectX being available for Linux builds other than the Microsoft build origin of it.  ::)  ;D


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