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WayOverThe Hill:
I would like to put XP on an older computer. I'm not sure if it's a copy or an original disk. The mobo is an (MSIK9VGM-AM2 VIA Micro ATX) in a case. How do you do this and get around the problem of the registration (30 days) ? I should mention that the hard drive will probably be about 250gb since this will be a music machine with a lot of WAV files and old programs on it on it. Any information you have would be greatly appeciated. Thanks for your time  :)

If the old case has a sticker from Microsoft with XP product key, you're good to go.
If not, don't even try.  It is violation of copyright to use  XP without proper registration.

But you can use Linux Ubuntu and it would be suitable music machine.

You can also run setup from DOS (also known as the Windows 9x Command Prompt). Or, if you have no operating system at all, you can boot off the CD and install it fresh.

They haven't been here since February...

Hopefully, the machine is old enough that it doesn't use a SATA hard drive.  The XP installer does not have drivers for and cannot handle installation to a SATA drive, machine will actually crash during install.  If you have the SATA driver on a floppy disk (no other medium) then you can insert it at the correct time and the installer will install it.

The other method would be to slipstream the SATA drivers onto the installer disk.


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