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Author Topic: Router showing my IP address as Client IP after initializing Incoming Connection  (Read 685 times)

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    Hi there,
    I run a small network within our business and have hit a roadblock that I can't seem to figure out.
    I have a local static IP ( assigned to my Windows Server 2012 computer. The router (HG659) will show this as correct in the 'LAN devices' menu most of the time.
    I use Windows 'Incoming Network Connections' to allow two other computers outside of the local network to connect to me. The DHCP range of my Incoming Connections is .240 to .244
    However, after I initiate the Incoming Connections on my Server and the other computers outside of the local network connect to me, the router will now show my local Server IP as (the same as the IP address as one of the computers outside the local network).
    This is causing problems because if one of the computers need to reconnect to me, the port forwarding is still directing them to my regular IP (.150) and it won't connect.
    I am not sure if the problem is router side or Server side, I have spoken with our ISP (& Router provider) however they deny that the problem is with the Router.
    If anyone has had a similar problem or any experience with this issue, I'd appreciate any input!
    I am also happy to provide any other information that I may have missed out.
    Thank you all for your time.

    Edit 1: If I delete the Incoming Connection and refresh the LAN devices on Router, it will return to normal .150
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      Sorry to enter in between my problem is also related to the router but it is a little different, I have placed my router on a table outside my room and signals were coming very less then I placed it on the wall of the same room for some time it was working fine but soon after a week again the same problem occurred and now I am fed up of my slow network as my workload is increasing day by day. Can you or anybody please suggest me something? :'(