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How are 2 separate users in XP independent?

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I want to add 2nd user to my XP but don't know how is in XP possible to make accounts independent.
Qs are:
1. Is possible to have for each user other language pack? I think it can, limit is login screen - is it true?
2. Startup programs - allow/deny for one or 2nd?
3. Disk partitions/folder access? Native Windows it has, but has it XP too?
4. Running programs I think is same like Q3, or?

Of course user1 (me) is Admin, 2nd standard...


Best solution would be to have a dual-boot system with one OS booting for one user and other booting for the other. But not sure if you can install 2 copies of XP onto a single drive with 2 partitions to keep them separate because XP likes to run out to the drive and look for prior Windows installations. *You might be able to get it to ignore prior Windows installations on other partition though but never tried this. I have only built dual boot systems on a single drive with XP and 7 or Linux as alternate boot choice.

Years ago when I only had one internet capable computer I had a IDE Drive 5.25" removable drive bay which I could place my wifes Conner 300MB drive into the system and boot Windows 95 and she had her games and stuff completely separate from mine. When she was done shut down system and swapped the IDE hard drive to my Quantum 1.2GB drive and booted up my built of Windows 95 with my games & programs.

These days you can have 2 drives in a desktop computer and F9 for alternate boot source and select one drive instead of the other. But once they logon they would have access to your drive which is idle.

If you really need your data protected from them having access to it, then you would want to use removable hard drives and have them using their drive and you having your own. Only way of cross contamination etc would be if a thumb drive or external hard drive remained connected between the drive swaps.

Windows likes to use shared preferences between users on the same build. I ran into a situation a ways back with a shared computer where one person liked to leave the volume maxed out and myself I like the volume off. Every time I'd logon after they had been on and they raised the volume it would have the volume to the maximum and so an ad would play a video with sound blaring which was annoying when I wanted silent use.

Very wrong...
Sadly I found not in Security no entry - so it came later with newer Windows versions.

So, I need at least this:
1. language
2. startup programs
3. theme

Is it possible?


--- Quote from: DaveLembke on April 22, 2019, 03:40:10 PM ---Best solution would be ... But not sure if you can install 2 copies of XP onto a single drive with 2 partitions to keep them separate ..

--- End quote ---
That works.  :)

Cool thanks geek for confirming that XP can be twice on a single drive among 2 partitions.


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