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Author Topic: Spillage or malware or idk?  (Read 927 times)

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    Spillage or malware or idk?
    « on: May 13, 2019, 03:39:32 AM »
    I spilt raro drink on my thinkpad and after letting it dry I turned it back on (didnít actually turn it off as when logged back on things still opened); straight after logging on a black screen with white dots appeared for a split second, I also found for a bit my scroll on my mouse wasnít working (donít know if it was just for my browser) and searching, trying to close image on google images or clicking on a link opened a new window . After a short time problems went away tried logging off and back on and didnít get black with dots for split second again. Iím writing this a short time after event I will update if I notice more weird things that may be related.
    For additional info I have had my thinkpad for a bit over a month and no longer have McAfee.
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    Re: Spillage or malware or idk?
    « Reply #1 on: June 10, 2019, 10:12:51 PM »
    Okay, if you spill something over your keyboard you should turn it off and remove cd or dvd drive if you have one, batttery if you can, if you cant remove the hardware or dont know how to and turn it upside down. And for precaution, not needed, put a few paper towels inbetween the keyboard and screen. And wait at least 24 hours, if not more. Also make sure the power cord isnt connected.

    Actually had this happen to an old laptop of mine, when soup spilled on the keyboard, did the above with the dvd drive/battery removing them,  (didnt know how to take it apart to take out the components let alone where they were to put it back together), it still worked just fine but had to use an external keyboard, and yes i know this is offtopic in this paragraph.

    As for the weird things, it could either be software bugs or hardware damage, or a mix of them. Or your computer might have been affected for a bit and getting mixed signals. From what you describe it may be a bit unreliable, and fail at any point but seem fine, but maybe not,  and there might possibly be hardware damage. Have you noticed anything weird or any issues with speed/performance/glitches and such? This would be handy to know, as this can help people tell if theres hardware damage or not. If ANYTHING (sorry for caps) such as glitches or weird things even remotely related or not related post them as this may help.

    Also was what you spilled sugary or sticky in any way? That tends to be more abrasive on hardware.

    As for supicions of viruses or malware, this is a possibility, and these also could be sypmtoms of that. But I am not really that skilled in that area except for scans and security to help prevent those infections, and identfying symptoms, so if i were you i would let someone else help in that area if that is the case.