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Author Topic: PC Shutting down randomly and/or when starting intensive games  (Read 620 times)

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    Before anyone screams, "PSU!" I'll say, I have replaced ALL the hardware.  Okay, anyway ...

    The PC in question is a home built that I've had for many years.  At some point during the past year, it began randomly shutting down (as in pull plug from wall style, not BSOD and not reboot.  Shut down BUT internal power light remains on).  I checked all the typical culprits: power supply, ram (memtest), video card, monitored CPU temps, nothing out of the ordinary.  So I systematically began replacing parts.  The first to go was the motherboard as I DID feel there may have been a crack in it.  Sometimes simply tapping the desk would cause the PC to shut down, which is why I went that route before the PSU.  So with the new mobo I went with new RAM and followed with a new video card.  Still shutting down.  Replaced the 7200 RPM HDD with a SSD (boot times cut IMMENSELY!  If anyone doesn't have a SSD, I can't recommend it enough!  But PC still shut down - eyeroll).  Changed the 600 watt PSU with a brand new 750 watt, just in case I was now under-powered (though everything showed that 600 should do fine).  First try, PC shut down.  Finally, I replaced the CPU (same one: AMD FX-8350 black edition). When I pulled the old one I noticed it had a couple bent pins .. thought maybe that was an issue?  Made sure the socket was clean and clear and popped the new one in, greased and put on the heat sink and fan (not stock cooler, aftermarket similar to Coolermaster Hyper 212.  Been using Core Temp and hasn't gone over 50C.  The shutdowns persist.  So tonight I began pulling memory sticks to check for bad ram.  All checked out okay .. or, all are bad?  Shutdowns occurred each time.  I've found a way to duplicate the failure consistently: Start Steam, run Arma 3 .. crashes just after loading screen goes dark and before "APEX" screen comes on.  Temps looked good all the way.  It shuts down at other times.  My daughter will be playing Sims3 and it just randomly shuts down, no consistent trigger.  She may be playing minecraft all day and no issues .. then something will cause it to shut down and rest of the day, it's hit or miss.

    All that said, there is one thing that is different.  Windows 10 - I used to have Windows 7 before putting in the SSD.  God knows I HATE Windows 10 for many reasons but, the shut downs WERE occurring before that switch as well.  I'm just about at my wits end here as to what's causing this.  Anyone with ANY thoughts (legit of course, not smarta$$ like, "Buy a Mac") are greatly appreciated.  Oh and, I neglected to say this cause I feel it goes without saying but in case some wonder, yes I have all updated drivers and Windows updates.  And with the SSD came a full and clean install of EVERYTHING so this is basically a brand new computer but still suffers from the shutdown issues so I'm completely baffled.

    AMD FX-8350 Black Edition 4.0 GHz
    Gigabyte GA 970-A DS3P Board
    G.Skill Ripjaws X Series DDR3-1600 4GB (x4)
    XFX Radeon RX580
    Sandisk SSD
    Thermaltake 600W PSU / Corsair CX 750M (shut downs with both)



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      Re: PC Shutting down randomly and/or when starting intensive games
      « Reply #1 on: July 16, 2019, 12:32:50 AM »
      Try running cpu and gpu tests.
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      Re: PC Shutting down randomly and/or when starting intensive games
      « Reply #2 on: July 16, 2019, 10:54:40 AM »
      Do you have the computer powered through a battery backup ( UPS ) to rule out a quick dip in power causing system to shutdown on you?

      Other location for concern would be if the CPU heatsink has been replaced as for if the Tach to the CPU Fan is flawed and the motherboard doesnt see its signal as it spinning when it needs to be it will shutdown to protect the system from a melt down. So CPU Heatsink may need to be replaced to eliminate the CPU FAN shutting it down if you havent already tried this as the cause. The temperature doesnt need to climb to a hot temp on boards just if the main board expects the fan to be spinning and it doesnt see it as spinning it will just drop to a total power outage like condition like what your getting for symptoms.

      In the BIOS there should be Cool n'Quiet available for a setting as well as calibrating the CPU fan for your main board. Before swapping heatsink with a new one with new fan I'd go through the FAN speed calibration process where it sends the CPU FAN PWM signals and learns what PWM output creates what RPM speed. Maybe its something as simple as a lagging PWM to RPM ratio or something like that that is tricking the main board into thinking the CPU fan is dying running slower RPMs then it thinks it should be for PWM output.



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      Re: PC Shutting down randomly and/or when starting intensive games
      « Reply #3 on: July 16, 2019, 05:22:37 PM »

      From your original post "Finally, I replaced the CPU (same one: AMD FX-8350 black edition). When I pulled the old one I noticed it had a couple bent pins .. thought maybe that was an issue?" Well i think that would be an issue for the first none start i just wonder what other damage the pins not connecting and possible shorting to adjacent pins may have done. If you still have the CPU with the bent pins can you post a picture  then i can check the AMD FX-8350 pin out to see what could be damaged on the motherboard or other components.

      Also if you have an older graphics card you can try it.