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Author Topic: Help, Noob not sure of the importance of the differences in these pc`s .  (Read 578 times)

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    Hi all.
    This is my first post. Thanks for having me.

    I am looking for a pc I can do 4k editing. I have been learning premiere pro on my current laptop. (painstakingly slow)
    and want to upgrade.
    One has 16gb and the other 32bg does this make much of a difference? also the graphics card RTX 2080 vs RTX 2080ti

    I have found a couple of pc I like the look of (mind your I am no expert) hence me asking.
    One is i9 990kf, 16gm memory, RTX 2080 8gb, 512GB NVMe SSD / 3TB HDD.
    [MOD: Link removed]

    Ryzen 7 2700x, 32gb, 512gb SSD NVMe/ 2TB HDD NVIDIA GeForce RTX2080 Ti 11GB.
    [MOD: Link removed]

    Any advise would be great. Some people say avoid the RYZEN but others say it`s great.
    The latter is a bit more pricy, but comes with 32gb and better graphics card.

    These links are in Japanese but but the specs are English.

    Thanks marcus.
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      Hi Marcus,

      I removed the links you provided to a Japanese PC vendor. For the purposes of this discussion please feel free to discuss the system specs without linking to a vendor website. You can copy and paste information if you need to.

      Regarding your question - both machines have benefits. Strictly speaking the i9-9900k might be a little more powerful, but they are roughly equivalent. The i9 has the same # of cores and roughly the same cache as he Ryzen, the same TDP, and the clock speeds are comparable.

      The major benefit of the Ryzen is the extra RAM. If you're editing in 4K, it can really help. Premiere will gobble up whatever RAM you can throw at it, you will feel the difference while editing, especially if using multiple layers and effects, and your renders will probably get a noticeable speedup.

      I worked professionally with Premiere/Final Cut/AVID machines for many years and honestly if I were you I'd probably go for the Ryzen. But, I think either of those computers you listed will suit you well for working with 4k footage.
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        Thanks for your reply. I feel better knowing that either machine will work for me. I did not mention
        that until now I have used proxies with premiere pro. Those machines I listed will they work with the files as is,
        or would I still be better off using proxies?

        My wife realized that the Ryzen machine I listed was a refurbished model, and she said no to that.
        How about this model.

        Ryzen 7 3700X, GeForce RTX2080 Ti 11GB, 16GB DDR4 SDRAM, 500GB SSD / 2TB HDD.
        This one is a bit more pricey.

        One more question. You mentioned that more ram is better with premiere.
        If I want to add more, Do I have to replace the current ram will all new ram, Or is it
        just a matter of plugging in more ram. How many can I add if this is the case,
        Might be able to find something.