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Author Topic: Alignment Page Won't Print Correctly: Printer or Cartridge Problem?  (Read 533 times)

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    I have a HP F4400 printer/scanner that is several years old, but it has continued to work well so I'm trying to hold off replacing it. Yesterday, I inserted a new black cartridge (a genuine HP; don't think the date is expired). When the alignment page printed, it looked a lot different than usual. It is supposed to have various color characters all over the page. This time, it had at one end an exclamation point in a triangle and a curved arrow, all in red, and on the other end, a few lines of blue characters. No other colors and nothing in the middle. I tried to scan it anyway and got a message that the alignment failed. I tried repeatedly to reprint the alignment page and the same thing happened. I also removed and reinserted the cartridge several times, tried rebooting the printer, went through the other suggestions on the HP troubleshooting link, but the same thing keeps happening. Also, the printer does still print, but the print quality is not great (presumably since I can't complete the alignment). I am trying to find out if the problem is with the printer or the cartridge, and if there is anything else I can do to get the alignment page to print properly so I can complete the alignment. Thanks.


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    Re: Alignment Page Won't Print Correctly: Printer or Cartridge Problem?
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    Replace the color cartridge and do the head cleaning also...
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