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Ryzen 3600 + b450 tomahawk mobo


So Iím trying to flash my bios using the usb flashback feature. I only have the cpu and atx power in. No cpu or any parts are connected. The file is have is the v19 one and renamed as MSI.ROM after extracting to 4gb usb stock. When I try to flash the bios. I plug in the usb at the back and then press the flash button. But thereís no ref light blinking. Instead the light on my memory stick starts blinking. Then if I remove the stick whilst it is blinking the light near the flash button turns on and doesnít blink. When I put the usb in whilst the light wasnít blinking. The usb doesnít blink too. Is my usb updating the bios or no? Before I thought that the light from the mobo was being displayed through the usb stock so i let the usb stick keep on blinking for 15 min but it still was blinking after this time so I stopped it.?help me pls.

Cannot flash a BIOS without a CPU in place...sorry.


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