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What do you do if fails to install windows updates every time?


When I first log onto my computer it says I need to install Windows updates.  But when I go to "updates and recovery" it says I have it set to automatically install windows updates.  So then I click on "view your update history" and it shows a long list of updates that have all failed to install.  If I click the "install" button it tries to install them but it fails in the process. 

Any idea why my Windows 8 keeps failing to install updates?  Is there anything I can do to fix this?

It could be that you may not have any more room on the hard drive to receive them. Check to see how much free space you have.

This also happens with a non legit Win install...

It says I got 853 gigabites free of disk space.   

It should be a legit install of Windows 8 - my grandpa bought this computer new with it already installed a few years ago.  In "view your update history" it shows a long list of updates and almost all of them failed to install except three things.  On 8-13-19 two things installed successfully.  So it's not that all of them are failing to install - just the vast majority of them. 

Any other ideas what could cause them to fail to update?


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